Refinishing, Not Replacing

While you undoubtedly love your hardwood floors, chances are you have noticed scratches, again, or warping. Although this may be disheartening, you should not be alarmed. Your floors are most likely just in need of a new finish, not a replacement. Refinishing your hardwood floor may not be the quickest process, but the time spent by our technicians will pale in comparison to the money you saved by having your floors sanded and refinished over actual replacement. The refinishing technicians at Flooring Service Group have over a decade of experience in taking old hardwoods and bringing them back to life.

Let Us Do the Work

It is possible to refinish your own wood floors. All you’ll need are a few weekends with no plans, the right tools for the job, and time to stain your floors and let them dry. No big deal, right? At Flooring Service Group, our staff has the expertise and tools necessary to get your floor refinished and do it in an acceptable timeframe. From stripping, sanding, and cleaning to re-staining, buffing, and polishing, Flooring Service Group does it all. Saving money has never looked so good!

Your Source For Lawrenceville Floor Refinishing

Flooring Service Group has been a fixture in Lawrenceville and the surrounding areas for quite some time now. Though installing floors is something we do regularly, refinishing is a smoother process and involves less preparation and cost to complete. If your floors have lost that luxurious feel or shine, give Flooring Service Group a call and they’ll be happy to assess your floor’s situation.

Time Expectancy

The time it will take to refinish your hardwoods can vary depending on how big your floors are, how bad the damage is, and what type of stain or finish you choose. The more complex the layout of your wood planks, the longer it will take. The simpler your hardwoods have been installed, the quicker the refinishing process will be. Keep in mind that perfection cannot be rushed, and it’s best to be patient with not only this, but any type of home modification that you hope will increase its value.

When looking for the right team for the job, look no further than Flooring Service Group. Your satisfaction is their ultimate goal, and they’ll stop at nothing to attain that goal. When the time comes that you’re considering new floors, consider getting them refinished. There really are more possibilities than you might think.