3 Reasons Why Wood Floors are More Environmentally Friendly Than Carpet

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When you're thinking about remodeling your home with authentic wood floors, whether your choice is environmentally friendly or not is probably low on your list of priorities. You might even think that wood flooring has a negative impact on the environment, due to cutting down the trees to create the materials themselves.

You may be surprised to learn that wood floors are eco-friendlier than carpeting. In fact, not only is it a better choice for the environment, but it's healthier for you and your family too. Carpets are saturated with toxins, chemical treatments, and potentially hazardous pollutants. They also trap particles and air contaminants � anyone who has ever owned a pet, for example, can understand why carpet is a precarious flooring choice. Pet dander often gets trapped in the carpet fiber, making it both difficult to treat and to remove.

If you're still deciding whether to switch from carpet to hardwood, here are 3 reasons to help you make the jump.

Wood Floors are Recyclable

After your wood floor has served its time and can no longer be repaired from the constant traffic it will undoubtedly face, it can either be recycled into another kind of flooring, or it can be burned as fuel. Unlike carpeting which is simply discarded after it has served its purpose, wood is a recyclable material and can easily be repurposed.

Wood Floors Can Last a Lifetime

Though your wood floors will find new life in another form once their lifecycle in your home is complete, don't expect that to happen soon. Wood floors can last hundreds of years; meaning that the only reason you might need to replace them is if you want to, rather than need to. Wood floors are highly sustainable, making their upkeep minimal and their replacement almost nonexistent. This means it also requires fewer raw materials, natural resources, and less energy to create.

Wood is Carbon Neutral

Before the wood is harvested and turned into a product, it produces oxygen as a tree. Once the tree is cut down and manufactured into wood flooring, it stores carbon for the duration of its service life. This makes wood flooring a much more eco-friendly product than its woolen counterpart. Wood continues to serve the needs of its environment, no matter where that might be and no matter the form it takes.

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