Flooring Trends You Should Be Aware Of

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Hardwood flooring is more readily available now than it has been ever before. With that availability comes a plethora of options, styles, colors and finishes to choose from. Certain things are ageless and never go out of style, but some trends are newer or have more desirable traits than previously thought. This handy guide will give you some insight into current flooring trends.

Repurposed Wood

Reclaimed wood lets you see the perfect imperfections of the wood. It lends a natural quality to your home and fits any rustic theme you're in the market for. Being that it's made from recycled wood beams, furniture, and other various items it is environmentally friendly, albeit expensive.

Bamboo Flooring

Having the luxury of being harder than most hardwoods, bamboo offers a unique style and comes in a variety of styles and can mimic typical hardwoods. Engineered bamboo is a newer edition of flooring that involves using the inner fibers of the plant itself, to make bigger and better planks.

Cork Floors

Previously known for its ability to suppress sound, cork is quickly becoming one of the more popular options for kitchen floors. Although the durability is notable as a hardwood, it's still susceptible to fading and moisture damage. The one attribute it gets the most love from is how soft it feels walking on it.

Extreme Dark Hardwoods

Ebony, mahogany and espresso are common types of very dark hardwoods. Being able to hie imperfections is a huge selling point for this flooring style. Scratches and dings can be seen a bit easier and make this flooring choice hard to clean. The modern look of darker colors makes a great pairing with lighter furniture and accouterments.

Creamy Maple Floors

With a Janka hardness rating of 1450, maple is 12% harder than Northern Red Oak. Its high resistance to termites and light colors make it a great choice for homes in the warmer climates and those seeking themes with lighter spirits than those of the dark wood families.

Authentic Pine Floors

Typically with a darker finish, pine flooring allows you to show off the imperfections as part of the design while showcasing the textures and grains that has become so popular these days.

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