Preventing Scratches on Hardwood Floors

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Preventing Blemishes on Hardwoods

Once you've had your gorgeous new hardwoods installed, moved all of your furniture back to where it belongs and gotten used to the fact that your flooring dreams have come true, there's only one thing left to do. You must always protect your hardwoods. Floors can be around for a century or more if well maintained and cared for. We will outline a few methods you can employ to keep your floors looking as clean and lustrous as the minute they were installed. Abrasive things like certain cleaners, sand, shoes (especially stiletto heels) can really affect the sheen and finish of your floors.

Get Furniture Pads

Much like tires for cars, furniture pads will let your heavy furniture move smoothly across your hardwoods without leaving a mark. Made with a layer of hearty felt, these pads can really save you hardwoods trouble. They can be found at local hardware stores and are very cost effective. You'll be able to slide your furniture without a trace it was ever moved.

Aside from a number of parasites, diseases and other fun stuff shoes carry, they can also harbor sand, dirt and various elements that can put tiny scratches on your hardwoods. You may not notice at first, and they may not even appear as scratches but someone whose feet are constantly standing or resting in the same place can wear what looks like a dull spot into your floor. These are actually high concentrations of small scratches that combine to make this lackluster area on your hardwoods.

Use Rugs and Welcome Mats

Having rugs in lounge areas can be both beautiful and functional. Higher traffic areas would do well with a runner of some sort just to keep the wear and tear down. If you or your guests must absolutely wear shoes, it's a great idea to have durable welcome mats that they can wipe their feet on to cut down on any small debris making its way across your floors.

Make Sure You Buy Durable Flooring from a Reputable Company

All the tips in the world aren't enough to shield your floors from damage if you've purchased poor quality hardwoods. Be sure to check out any company that's coming to install or refinish floors in your home by reading their reviews. A business can state how wonderful they are, but the customer reviews will hold nothing back and you'll get the real truth through them.

Prevent Pets From Scratching Your Floors

You love your pets. They are like children or siblings to your family. Unfortunately even the shortest game of fetch or them taking a running pass at you can leave your floors scratched either cosmetically or drastically. Try and keep your four-legged friend's claws as neat and groomed as you can. You can do this yourself with clippers designed for dogs, or your groomer can get it done quickly, as well. Be sure their nails are smooth and do not click on your hardwoods when they walk. This will ensure less damage to your hardwood floors.

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