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Some Basic Facts

We will provide you few basic facts about the reasons one should consider when thinking to installing hardwood floors in his/her home. We know choosing a certain type of hardwood might prove to be time-consuming and difficult, but we are here to offer some basic facts about the reasons a hardwood floor might prove to be the best decision for your home.

The natural warmth and beauty of a timber floor is timeless in appeal and will add character, a sense of space and value to any interior environment, no matter what the location, style and purpose.

Coming from European roots, hardwood floors have always been an elegant form of flooring throughout the world. Lately, it can be seen in commercial areas, shopping malls, offices and many other public common areas.

Hardwood floors can be purchased in a wide variety of wood species, colors, finishes, and sizes. Therefore, as a consumer, you will have many choices, keeping in the same time the flexibility to use your own personal flooring design ideas.

Hardwood flooring had always been a sophisticated choice for the households throughout the world, and now, it became a great choice for fine homes and businesses because of its beauty, ease of maintenance, and durability
Hardwood flooring is a very efficient insulator, providing in the same time a home or business with foot-cushioning comfort, natural insulation, and lasting style for the life of a home or a building
Hardwood flooring easily fits into any interior design, because hardwood floors are amazingly adaptive to any decor you prefer. The timeless appeal and beauty of hardwood floors is an all-around present characteristic, adding a feeling of permanence and classic quality, that will last a long period of time if properly maintained
Choosing a wood floor, replacing existing floor covering or just upgrading the wood floor you already have, are great ways to add value to your home
Hardwood floors are durable and long-lasting and are difficult to match using other materials. With the last years increase in quality of products, the durability factor has been continuously improved
Hardwood floors can make the difference in the sale of a home and have a high ratio of the return on investment. Houses with hardwood floors installed sell faster and usually to higher prices than the ones who do not have
Hardwood floors are easy to maintain and with minimal care a beautiful look can be long sustained. Hardwood develops a rich lustrous look as it ages; tones deepen and grain patterns emerge with every passing year. Hardwood floors are easy to clean and they do not require excessive vacuuming or shampooing, like carpet floors do
There is a large variety of hardwood types, colors, wood grains, board widths, giving everyone the possibility to choose the right hardwood floor. Wood flooring offers a large panel of possibilities, open to every customer, in terms of finish, surface, stain and species

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